So Close We Can Taste It!

What's that old saying? "People plan and freezer builders laugh"? 

Yes. After a year and a half of doing the the dance that is starting a business we are so close to opening. The only thing holding us back is our lack of truck freezers, which is actually kind of important if you want solid ice creams and sorbets. So as each day grows a little colder, so does the PANIC IN MY CHEST. Oh don't get me wrong.....we knew we'd be opening in the Fall of 2014, but we were leaning towards scooping in September instead of October. So I guess the valuable life lesson here is: 

"There's a 6 to 8 week lead time on freezer orders.".........okay, so maybe that's not it. Maybe it's "Patience is a virtue.....and blah blah blah"......but I have been patiently waiting a year and a half to tell my friends and family that I've been doing something AMAZING and I am running out! I am lucky enough to have a few secret helper elves who have been more than happy to offer taste testing, and support, and taste testing, and feedback, and more taste testing........wait a minute....But I digress, as I often do. So I guess this week I'll have to "make apple cider sorbet out of crab apples" and start working on a few fall flavors while I lie "patiently" in wait for the rest of the equipment. 

Now what kind of booze goes with pumpkin pie?

:) Brooke