Adventures in Advertising

Admittedly I selfishly created this business to be able to do all of the things I love most. Making drinks, cooking food, crafting stuff, driving, themes......oh LORD I love a theme. The best part of art school was getting vague parameters to work within. As an artist you often get distracted by the slightest thing, so it's helpful to have lines to color in sometimes. It helps you know when it's time to color outside of them. 

The other most random thing I've been able to tap into is my insane ability to jingle. Not like a bell, you ding-a-ling........c'mon that was, like advertising. In high school I had one of the best teachers ever. I only got to have him for half of a half year semester. So for like maybe 3 months, Mr. Necio was my advertising teacher. In that short span he introduced us to the Burma Shave ad campaign and "The Tucker: The Man And His Dream" movie. If you're not familiar, I highly recommend it. Just Jeff Bridges, absolutely doing it like he does.

But the ads.......back to the ads. A roadside sign campaign utilizing humor and relevant culture. It spanned decades and it was brilliantly witty.


So when we got the assignment, I was in my glory. And inspiration wouldn't stop coming! So here we are.......17 years later, and it finally pays off. At least I hope it does. Because walking around the house and muttering rhymes about alcohol and ice cream may seem cute now, but lately the dogs don't seem to laugh as hard as they used to........what?

And where can you find this pippy, retro poetry? Following us on ye ol' thoughtfully placed on the right. You could follow it. No pressure. Just my life. Livelihood. Heart. Soul.

Ok, so a little pressure. 

:) Brooke