Our Super Mario Themed wedding!

Our Super Mario Themed wedding!

Whiskey In Your Ice Cream

Why did I do it?! After years of tending bar, I realized there were so many drink recipes that would make a much better milkshake or scoop. So I started experimenting in the kitchen, and a year later I was up to 27 different flavors, each more delicious than the last!

Creamy Whiskey Vanilla Bean, Maple Stout Swirl, and Strawberry Merlot Sorbet just seemed to make sense, but then so did having a Super Mario Wedding. My husband, Jon and I are a little off-kilter that way. So we decided to share our taste of Tipsy with you!


During the cooking and freezing process, the majority of the alcohol is lost, leaving behind only the delicious flavors. The only kind of headaches here are brain freeze!

Of course we cater to ALL tastes. So check out our non-alcoholic "Silly" flavors, as well as our non-dairy vegan offerings too.


Get a little Tipsy with us!

Brooke & Jon :)